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White wines

  • Avarino £5.95 / £ 19.95

    Peloponnese, 11.5%
    Fine citrus aroma with a balanced taste and lasting aftertaste.

  • 40 Kymata £6.50/£24.95

    Rhodes, 13.0%
    From Athiri variety, a wine with bright colour, fruit and flower aromas.

  • Moschofilero £7.45/ £30.00

    Mantinia 12.5%
    A wine light and clear in colour, delicate with a vibrantly fruity palate.

  • Asyrtiko £8.45 / £37.50

    Florina 13.0%
    Crisp and dry white wine with depth of aromas and full of flavours. Rich body and texture with excellent balance mineral notes and length.


  • Avarino Rose £5.95 / 19.95

    Peloponnese, 12.0%
    A pale rose in colour, it is evocative of strawberry and rose aromas A full-bodied wine with a balanced taste.

  • Cocona Rose £6.50 / 24.95

    ARhodes, 12.5%
    wine with bright color, wild flowers and red fruit aromas, balanced mouth and refreshing finish.

  • Maissa Rose £39.95

    Rhodes 13.0%
    From the cosmopolitan Syrah and the velvety Merlot varieties, an elegant wine, with deep aromas of red fruits and wildflowers, balanced mouth and pleasant finish.

Red Wines

  • Avarino Red £5.95 / 19.95

    Peloponnese, 12.0%
    Fresh aromas of red fruits with a soft taste and pleasant tannins.

  • 8 piles red £6.50 / 24.95

    Rhodes, 13.5%
    A wine with purple color, aromas of red fruits and spices, velvety mouth and balanced finish.

  • Agiorgitiko Red £7.45 / 30.00

    Nemea 13.5%
    A ruby red with a full body and delicate aroma.

  • kokkini porta red £55.00

    Aegean Islands 13.5%
    The distinct blend of uncopromised Mandilaria and the velvety Merlot. The generous wine with ruby colour, mature berries and vanilla aromas, rich mouth and seductive finish.

Beers / Draught Beers


  • To Kefi Draught £5.20 /2.85
  • Alfa 330ml (5% ABV) £5.65

    Alfa Beer (5% ABV) is made by Athenian Brewery SA and is one of the oldest brands of beer in Greece. Alfa Beer is a blonde light lager, a shimmering golden colour with a mild malt and yeast aroma, it is a larger rich in foam.

  • Mythos 330ml (5% ABV) £6.00

    An award winning beer, Mythos is produced from specially selected varieties of barley and hops, it is a lager with a rich head, blonde colour and a pleasant refreshing taste. 5.0 ABV

  • Fix 330ml (5% ABV) £5.45

    Fix Hellas ia a premium lager with it’s soft flavour, has a balanced bitterness which enhances the flavours from fermentation. It has a prevailing scent of fresh apple and banana. The Olympic Brewery was bought out by Carlsberg in 2015.

  • Corona 330ml (4.5% ABV) £6.45

    Born in Mexico and brought up on the beach, Corona is lighter than traditional beers, with a crisp and refreshing taste.

  • Corona 330ml (0% ABV) £4.80

    The Corona Cero has the same crisp and refreshing taste, with subtle citrus notes that delivers a perfectly balanced flavour.

Signature or classic


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